Brouhaha 2021 Has Been Cancelled
Due to Spike in NC/SC COVID Cases.

8/10/21 Statement from the NCPCOW Council

Wow, what a year this has been; so full of promise and hope. Things really looked like they were coming back. We were returning to a somewhat normal life. Things looked good. They looked right.

Then Delta came along.

Now, those of you who have been following the CDC guidelines know that we (yes even the vaccinated) are now back to wearing masks indoors and trying to avoid large gatherings if we can, all because of Delta. You can follow the numbers. Cases are doubling, tripling, even quadrupling overnight. Kids under 12 are among the most vulnerable because they can’t get the vaccine. Some countries are even going back into lockdown.

Anyone can log into the CDC tracker and see the number of cases rising. What you might not see is the strain it has put on our healthcare systems. Local hospitals are running out of beds. Emergency Rooms are at capacity, holding patients for days because there are no beds in the entire hospital, and some are diverting trauma cases four or five counties away due to lack of resources and staff. There’s no room left at the inn. We are full. The writing is on the wall, friends. This epidemic never really went away, and now it’s back on the upswing.

All of this brought the NCPCOW church council to a hard and awful decision. We have, with heavy heart, decided to cancel the Brouhaha this year. Again.

Believe us when we say we really tried to make it work. We laid out multiple plans and ideas and options. Nothing was too drastic or too dramatic. Nothing was off the table. Would we proceed but only for the vaccinated? Vaccine cards required? Signed statements and wristbands? No attendance for vulnerable people? No children under 12? All masks all the time? Scale it back to a day event? No food or drink?

Where does it all end? Probably in an event that doesn’t look or feel like the Brouhaha we all wanted.

Yes, the majority of illnesses are the unvaccinated. But breakthrough cases are still contagious, and if you ALL got sick, we wouldn’t be able to stand it.

Yes, adults are free to make their own decisions. But we can’t consciously provide a platform for an outbreak to occur.

Yes, we are tired of this thing. But we also want to be safe. And we want YOU to be safe. We NEED you to be safe.

Let’s repeat that. We. Need. You. To. Be. Safe. Nothing matters more.

We will, of course, provide full refunds. Our registration coordinator, Tony Brown, has stated that he will begin issuing refunds through PayPal in seven days (we need time to transfer funds back from the church bank account). If you want, instead, to apply your payment towards future registration or to make it (or a portion of it) into a donation to the church, please reach out to him here on Facebook or via email at

All we can say is we are sorry it had to happen this way. Again.

Please get your vaccine and be safe.

-Your friends and family at the NC Piedmont Church of Wicca