What should I bring along? 
This is a good question and an especially important one for people who are planning on spending the night. Here is a list of things that you may want to bring along with you if you are planning on staying overnight with us.

  • Blankets or sleeping bag. 

  • Wash cloths and towels. There is a bath house with showers

  • Soap 

  • Pillows 

  • Toothpaste 

  • Toothbrush 

  • Brushes and Combs 

  • Changes of clothes 

  • Food or money to purchase food

  • What if it rains?
    This is a rain or shine event! If it rains, a preplanned alternate schedule will be distributed and posted in the feast hall and all workshops and activities will be accounted for. The possibility of inclement weather is being included in every step of our planning, and if it rains -- we will be ready.

    What are the cabins like?
    The cabins are very basic and rustic. They are lit electrically but they are not heated. If the weather is expected to be cold, you should bring extra blankets and warm clothes to sleep in. Cabins contain simple cots, but they are pretty old and most of us have found that we sleep better by moving the mattresses onto the floor. 

    What about the "dorm" spaces?
    "Dorm" spaces are basically space in ordinary cabins except that your cabin mates will be others who have also signed up for dorm spaces.

    Can I build my own campfire?
    No. Fire sites have been prearranged with park staff. There will be a fire outside the feast hall and one by the lake. If the weather is cold enough, we will also have a fire inside the feast hall fireplace. Please come and enjoy the fellowship and community of these fires instead of trying to start your own. 

    Do I need to "dress up" for the rituals? 
    Not unless you want to. If you have ritual garb and would like to wear it feel free, but it is not a requirement for circle. We would however like to mention that you are required to wear SOMETHING. This is not a clothing optional event. 

    Can I bring my ritual items? 
    Feel free to bring any ritual items you like, EXCEPT ritual blades. No personal weapons will be allowed on park grounds. This is a park rule.

    Can I bring my pet?
    Yes if you keep him on a leash no longer than 6 foot. Park rules, sorry. 

    How about alcohol? 
    No alcoholic beverages allowed. Again this is a park rule.

    Do I need to pack food? 
    Depends. We will be vending meals and selling snacks and beverages in between. You
    can bring what you like along with you or buy from us. Proceeds from food vending will go directly to our church.  We also have a FAQ all about food

    What lectures are planned?
    All lecture and workshop information will be posted here as soon as it is available. 

    How do you get to give a lecture? 
    If you are interested in presenting a lecture or a workshop please contact our lecture coordinator

    How do you get to be a vendor? 
    If you are interested in vedning please contact our vendor coordinator

    Does your church accept donations?
    YES!  If you have any inclination to support us, spiritually, financially, or with an offering of service, bless you. We will accept your help and goodwill gratefully! 

    How does your church feel about drugs? 
    We do not condone or encourage any illegal activity and we ask in good faith that our guests abide by the laws of South Carolina, and the United States while attending this event. In other words, please leave those at home. Thanks! 

    You can find even more information at our video FAQ

    If you have any other questions please contact us


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    *As Always, This a Rain or Shine Event!*
    You are invited! Come join in the fun!

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