Planned Event Schedule

(final version will be included in Brouhaha program)

Family Fun

Friday April 27th
5:00 pm
Check In & Registration Begin
7:00 pm
7:45 pm Fairy Walk
8:30 pm
Maypole Raising
10:00 pm
Esbat - NCPCOW
11:00 pm
Women's Ritual
11:00 pm
Men's Ritual


Saturday April 28th

6:30 am Sunrise Ritual - Sylan Celtic Fellowship
8:00 am
Registration Opens for the day
9:00 am
10:00 am
1st Lecture/Workshop Slot (45 mins)
  Springtime Chainmaille!
  Kitchen Workings
  The Initiatory Experience
10:30 am Kid's Footrace in honor of Pan
11:00 am
2nd Lecture/Workshop Slot (45 mins)
  Fun with Numbers
  Modern Celtic Polytheism
11:00 am Family Activity - Ribbon Wands
12:00 pm
1:30 pm
Beltane Ritual - NCPCOW
2:30 pm
Adult Footrace in honor of Pan
3:00 pm
3rd Lecture/Workshop  Slot (45 mins)
  Spirituality through Art
  Dionysos, God of the Witches
3:00 pm Family Activity - Amazing Animals
4:00 pm
Tana's Day Ritual - Misfit Sanctuary
5:00 pm
4th Lecture/Workshop Slot (45 mins)
  Understanding Dreams
  Ritual Timing
  Wishing Machines
5:00 pm Family Activity - Parachute Party
7:00 pm
Free Dinner / Door Prizes
8:00 pm
Maypole Dance


Sunday April 29th
6:30 am Sunrise Ritual
9:00 am
10:00 am
Closing Ritual
11:00 am
Checkout and Goodbyes


As details are confirmed, more information about
workshops and other activities will be added

If you'd like to present a lecture or workshop,
please contact our lecture coordinator

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*As Always, This a Rain or Shine Event!*
You are invited! Come join in the fun!

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